Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, LPCA

ESA dog, Raspberry, with Kasia
First, you’re probably wondering how to pronounce my name. It’s Kah-sha. I’m originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and first-generation Polish-America. I’ve lived in Manhattan, New York for 7 years before finding my new home in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I have a background in school and mental health counseling, as well as substance abuse. My counseling style focuses on the mind-body connection. Personally, I’ve gained a lot of self-awareness through all of my life experiences and now, I love to help others find their way just as I did.

I’ve been able to work with a diverse group of people, while also committing to my own self-development. I try to practice what I preach. I often say, “lead by example”.   And so, I also attend my own individual and group therapy sessions whenever life gets a little hectic.

Working alongside such people as CEO’s, Campaign Presidents, athletes, teachers, students, parents, college students, veterans, etc. has really helped me understand the importance of compassion, empathy, forward-thinking, goal-setting, self-development, self-awareness, and ultimately, trusting the process. Whether that be counseling or coaching, there’s a process. Steps that need to be taken, one day at a time.

Forming a positive support system is just one of the many components in setting yourself up for success. I like to focus on motivational and solution-based therapy where we design a plan that helps us build around the many obstacles in our life. Some of the techniques I like to use in my therapy sessions are Brainspotting, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness.

Life is unpredictable, and with a little patience and persistence, we can gain a little more control over it. I do believe that together, we can make this possible.

Meet Raspberry

That’s Raspberry in the picture. She’s a 2.5-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever- also known as Raz.  She is a registered Emotional Service Animal (ESA) and is working on getting her certification as a Pet Therapy Dog. She would love to comfort you during your sessions, with your permission. She has a loving demeanor and quite the free spirit. She will quickly become your best friend.

KasiaTherapy likes to approach life with a loving and nonjudgmental demeanor. Life isn’t always easy, but we should never stop looking for the joy in things. People often say that happiness is a choice and it is, but sometimes, we feel alone and need that extra little push and support to get us over that hump that’s keeping us from getting further in life. Together, let’s find the clarity and strength to rediscover that happiness again.