I provide counseling services for a variety of people and in a variety of formats. Depending on what you need, whether that be individual attention, marriage support and/or additional communal support from a group of people, one or all of these styles of therapy could provide you with what you are currently looking for.  

If you’re still left feeling a bit confused on what’s best for you, I’ve including additional information below. Click on the link to find an even more detailed explanation. 

Individual Counseling – These are one-on-one sessions with you and I. Sessions run between 60-90 minutes and there completely devoted to you. You are in control. This is your time to voice your concerns, your worries, explore you insecurities and triggers, strengthen your coping skills, and learn how to manage your emotions whether they be anxiety, anger, depression, sadness, loneliness, grief, confusion, feeling lost and/or stuck.

Couples/Marriage Counseling – These sessions are held between you, your partner, and me. We discuss your concerns as a couple, reveal individual needs that are not being satisfied, and work together to change the dialogue. We work to better the communication between you and your partner. I act as a mediator. I help facilitate a productive conversation where both individuals feel like they’re being heard and accepted. Often times, couples/marriage counseling is paired with individual therapy as to assure that each individual is given enough time to share their story and express all of their internal beliefs and feelings.

Group Counseling – Currently, I run an adult grief support group that meets weekly. If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, whether it be a week or 4 years from the time of their death, this group provides members the support and the compassion needed when grieving. Grief is best understood by others with who have also experienced it. This group helps “normalize” grief. We learn from one another and understand what it means to mourn and grieve. It provides you with a sense of community and a place to talk about your loved one without shame or concern that it may upset someone. This is your space.